My Wedding List


My thanks to Huffington Post for the picture above.

It will help my wedding list creation and how we manage things, very interesting. I think I will start my wedding list here, in no particular order;

  • Proposal
  • church
  • flowers
  • wedding vehicles
  • makeup
  • invites
  • food – catering
    • starter
    • main course
    • desert or cake
  • drinks
  • cake
  • reception
  • speeches
  • honeymoon
    • india
    • europe
      • italy
      • france
      • ireland
      • swiss
      • uk
    • usa
    • pacific ocean
  • groom choice?
  • best man
  • route to church
  • who goes in what cars?
  • theme
  • bridesmaids
  • makeup
  • lists


Summary, this is a draft list that I will add to as and when i get the time, but the beauty of this is, it is exactly how i feel, not a professional document with no soul. This is all from the heart and exactly how i feel right now and right now i really can’t be bothered capitalising the i’s i keep typing in, so i won’t. Its my wedding, so I will do exactly as i want.

Did you notice i slipped in loads of i’s then, well there you go, it may not be the most interesting wedding blog of all time, but it is from the heart.



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