My Wedding List


My thanks to Huffington Post for the picture above.

It will help my wedding list creation and how we manage things, very interesting. I think I will start my wedding list here, in no particular order;

  • Proposal
  • church
  • flowers
  • wedding vehicles
  • makeup
  • invites
  • food – catering
    • starter
    • main course
    • desert or cake
  • drinks
  • cake
  • reception
  • speeches
  • honeymoon
    • india
    • europe
      • italy
      • france
      • ireland
      • swiss
      • uk
    • usa
    • pacific ocean
  • groom choice?
  • best man
  • route to church
  • who goes in what cars?
  • theme
  • bridesmaids
  • makeup
  • lists


Summary, this is a draft list that I will add to as and when i get the time, but the beauty of this is, it is exactly how i feel, not a professional document with no soul. This is all from the heart and exactly how i feel right now and right now i really can’t be bothered capitalising the i’s i keep typing in, so i won’t. Its my wedding, so I will do exactly as i want.

Did you notice i slipped in loads of i’s then, well there you go, it may not be the most interesting wedding blog of all time, but it is from the heart.



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Welcome to my wedding blog

Welcome to my wedding blog, it’s here for me mainly but you too.

I thought it would be a good idea to record all the moments as and when I can, as it will be amazing to look back and see not just what happened, but how and when things happened. I do believe in things happening for a reason. And therefore if you can record wedding elements as they happen, it is quite meaningful I believe.

My wedding will be a quiet affair with only 75 people, but they are very close friends and my favourite relatives.

Thanks again for reading this and come back whenever you want. My contact details are here.

And my thoughts on how to choose a dress is here.

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